September 15, 2009

Three more community members who are Part of the Change for today, tomorrow and forever!

We Are Winning is a documentary about one community in America and the people in it who are solving family homelessness. Recent reports state that 1 in 50 children living in the United States will experience homelessness in 2009. Is family homelessness in America a condition that can be solved? Over the next several weeks you will meet people from the community of North San Diego County California who believe that solving family homelessness for kids and communities is achievable and who are doing something about it.

If you’ve already watched the documentary introduction just select one of the Docu-Clips below or click here to watch the Documentary Introduction by Chris Megison.

Kent Davy - from the business sector

Kent Davy, Editor of the North County Times Newspaper talks about the commitment to report on the issues related to homelessness in northern San Diego County. Kent describes how the ongoing debate over the problems and solutions around homelessness provides the North County Times with unique insights. Those insights delve both into the struggles of the individuals and families who have lost their homes and into the attitudes found within a community struggling to balance mercy and justice, compassion and responsibility.

Sue Reynolds – from the nonprofit sector

Sue Reynolds, CEO of Community Housing Works, a not for profit developer of affordable housing describes her role as the developer of the Solutions Family Center. Sue further talks about the overall importance of affordable housing and how with it communities can obtain and remain healthy both from a social and economic perspective.

Dal Williams – from the civic and educational sector

Dal Williams, retired Mayor of Marines and educator talks about the early challenges of homelessness in the city of which he served as an elected official. Dal pioneered a community initiative that started with an education campaign called Real Change – Not Spare Change. The campaign engaged business owners, law enforcement, nonprofits and churches in a productive dialogue around dealing with the problems of homelessness head-on. Dal’s no-nonsense approach gained traction which then eventually led to a new way of local government, business and community organizations working together in dealing with a very old social problem.

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