August 31, 2009

One Family's Story...

This week's story is short, but it says a lot about what kind of change we have made and continue to make...

"Solutions For Change impacted my life by showing me there are people here that offer a new hope with a solid plan, which if applied, cannot fail to end my homelessness. By allowing me to afford rent and attend college my financial future is changed which was the big struggle to end my homelessness.

Today my life is saved only because Solutions gave me the tools to work toward my goals that have changed my life and that of my two kids forever. If everyone that was homeless came to Solutions, homelessness would no longer exist!"

- Solutions University Past Graduate

August 27, 2009

We are Winning is Finally Here!

We are excited to release We are Winning. We are Winning is a documentary about one community in America and the people in it who are solving family homelessness. Recent reports state that 1 in 50 children living in the United States will experience homelessness in 2009. Is family homelessness in America a condition that can be solved? Over the next several weeks you will meet people from the community of North San Diego County California who believe that solving family homelessness for kids and communities is achievable and who are doing something about it.

Introduction to the Documentary by Chris Megison

Social entrepreneur and visionary Chris Megison introduces the first part of an ongoing documentary series around what one community in America and the people in it are doing to solve family homelessness. In this initial first phase of the documentary, Megison introduces 15 people who explain why they are winning the battle against family homelessness in their community. This first series of short vignettes explores the benefits of engaging all community sectors: civic, church, education, government and business around a model and a plan designed to solve (not contain) homelessness.

Sandra Shuda, - from the business sector

Sandra Shuda, Vice President Human Resources at Watkins Manufacturing - Makers of HotSprings Spa's shares why she is involved in a community initiative that is solving family homelessness in her community. “I have seen their programs with my own eyes, talked to their people and know that Solutions for Change is solving homelessness for children in my community”.

Randy Reznicek, - from the civic sector

Avid golfer and entrepreneur Randy Reznicek talks about his motivation for being involved in a different kind of “homeless” community organization. Says Randy, "Once I understood that these were children, even babies, right here in my own community who lost their homes, that is what got my attention. Then once I investigated further and saw that Solutions for Change was actually solving this problem, I became a believer. We are actually winning this battle and defeating a very tough social problem".

Linda Gibney, - from the educational sector

Linda Gibney talks about how her volunteerism with an organization called Solutions for Change is making a difference in her life and in the lives of the children she helps. "It hit me one day when one of the kids said something that really stuck. She told me that she really looked forward to seeing me and that I was a bright spot in her day. That's a really good feeling to know that I am having an impact".

August 21, 2009

One Family's Story...

Every week we will continue to blog on, "One Family's Story" - highlighting an inspiration story that fuels are passion to solve family homelessness and prove that our Solutions University has a permanent solution to solving such a critical issue in our community.

We hope you enjoy this weeks' story:

" My family and I came to Solutions for Change on April 15th 2006. My life before Solutions for Change was an unstable and a bad life. We moved around from place to place, my parents always fighting drinking and doing drugs, not having any time for me and my brothers. We came to Solutions for Change to start a new life and because we lost our house and had nowhere to live so we were homeless. When I first came to Solutions for Change I was happy because I was going to live with my parents again and start a better life. When we moved to the apartments (Solutions Family Center) I was happy because we were not at the shelter anymore. I like the friends that I have at Solutions for Change. They have shared the same experiences as me. Solutions for Change helped my parents by showing them how to stay clean and sober and have a stable life. Now they work full time but still have lots of time for us kids. Solutions helped us get into our own home. Everything is changed now. I would tell someone coming in to Solutions for Change that they are lucky to be there, it is a great place and it will change your life."

- Jacob ...he was 15 at the time of the above story...


August 18, 2009

Facts for the Week

As part of an on going initiative, we will be releasing facts on various aspects of homelessness. In order for all us to realize what we are trying to solve, we have to see the tremendous effects that this social issue is causing people. Today, we highlight a few facts on children's health who are battling homelessness:
  • Are sick four times more often than other children. They have:
    • Four times as many respiratory infections.
    • Twice as many ear infections.
    • Five times more gastrointestinal problems.
    • Four times more likely to have asthma.
  • Go hungry at twice the rate of other children.
  • Have high rates of obesity due to nutritional deficiencies.
  • Have three times the rate of emotional and behavioral problems compared to non-homeless children.
*Facts from:

Our Solutions University allows children to not fall into the above categories... one family, one community at a time!

Visit our site to find out how you can get involved today!

August 13, 2009

One Family's Story...

We continue to build and develop our Solutions University because it provides a permanent solution to SOLVING Family Homelessness. Stories like the one you are about to ready is what fuels are drive and passion. This is a problem faced all over the world, not just in North County, San Diego.... we are here to change this...

"I am a single mom with three kids. We have lived in North County for six years. After four years with the same employer, I was laid off. Within three weeks my $2,000 savings account was depleted. Within two months, my children and I were homeless. The weeks that followed were some of the most desperate and scary times of my life.

I sought assistance through the maze of social programs. I was turned down because I wasn't a substance abuser, a victim of domestic violence, or suffering from mental illness. A few places could not take me because I had a child over age ten. The affordable housing programs all had long waiting lists.

Every night that went by I just couldn't believe that my family had to sleep in our car. My kids were hungry and cranky all the time. I felt like a failure - like I was letting them down. I began to lose hope.

That was just a short twelve months ago, although it seems like a lifetime. Today, thanks to North County Solutions for Change, my family and I are no longer homeless. Feelings of hopelessness were replaced with dignity and gratitude. Living in our car and unemployment were replaced with an affordable apartment that I qualified for because they helped me get a decent paying job.

Solutions for Change took my children and me in when no one else would. They challenged me, provided structure and the economic re-entry support that we needed to change our lives. They provided a safe and loving atmosphere for my children. Most of all they believed in me - and my potential for success."

- Program Graduate

August 6, 2009

Honoring Bill Gerken

The article says it all...Please take a moment to read this article on Solutions For Change honoring an amazing person and member of the Solutions Family!

It is people like Bill who have enabled us to be where we are and give us the opportunity to SOLVE Family Homelessness - one family, one community at a time!

Thank you to the Vista/San Marcos News as well for releasing this article.