About This Blog

While serving in the Marine Corps aboard Camp Pendleton Chris lost a bet with his buddies and as the part of the deal, the loser had to serve in a soup kitchen line. That was a chilly winter night twenty-five years ago which changed the course of his life forever. It was supposed to be a onetime shot to show the community that the Marines care, ladle some soup real quick and get back to Camp Pendleton. But this homeless dude named Steve (nickname Wolfman) messed up Chris' plan and ever since Megison has been on what he calls a divinely navigated mission trying to SOLVE homelessness for both the person and the community being impacted by homelessness.

Chris decided to do these “On Point” blogs because while working with and for the homeless, he has met a lot of people who care about this issue and who want and need to understand the problem on a deeper more thought provoking level. They, like him, they want to feel as though their involvement has purpose and meaning and actually solves the problem they are working on. People call Megison a social purpose entrepreneur; but he jokingly says, "I have an addiction to finding solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems with no money, no good looks (although my wife will hopefully argue that point) and no time".

There are some very important lessons Chris has learned while working with the homeless and with the people who get involved, either for or against helping the homeless. These lessons have come both from his own personal struggles and from the insights of those who he has struggled with. Chris has been personally involved with tens of thousands of interactions and transactions of compassion, indifference, pity, fear, spite, guilt, anger, joy, love, courage, defeat and victory as it relates to homelessness. Examining his own heart while honestly trying to deal with these feelings has shaped some fundamental beliefs about homelessness for Chris, both as it impacts a human being and as it impacts our community at large.

Throughout these articles you’ll run into those beliefs and the lessons behind them. He will introduce them to you for seemingly no logical reason and in no particular order. Sometimes you won’t like or agree with what he has to say and sometimes you will. Chris' purpose is to get us, as a community of neighbors and a people, to think deeper about solving one of the most pressing social ills that we as a people face.