September 22, 2009

The final three Community IMPACT Leaders from the "We are Winning" Documentary

We Are Winning is a documentary about one community in America and the people in it who are solving family homelessness. Recent reports state that 1 in 50 children living in the United States will experience homelessness in 2009. Is family homelessness in America a condition that can be solved? Over the next several weeks you will meet people from the community of North San Diego County California who believe that solving family homelessness for kids and communities is achievable and who are doing something about it.

If you’ve already watched the documentary introduction just select one of the Docu-Clips below or click here to watch the Documentary Introduction by Chris Megison

Social entrepreneur and visionary Chris Megison introduces the first part of an ongoing documentary series around what one community in America and the people in it are doing to solve family homelessness. In this initial first phase of the documentary, Megison introduces 15 people who explain why they are winning the battle against family homelessness in their community. This first series of short vignettes explores the benefits of engaging all community sectors: civic, church, education, government and business around a model and a plan designed to solve (not contain) homelessness.

County Supervisor Bill Horn - from the government sector

Bill Horn, Supervisor Fifth District of the County of San Diego representing most of North San Diego County California describes the importance of Solutions for Change to a family in crisis and to the community at large. Supervisor Bill Horn has been known for his tough stance on social problems like gangs and criminality. In this interview Bill sits down with a family who, prior to becoming homeless, was causing some of the same problems that he was confronting. Formerly associated with the gang and criminal life, then homeless for a time before coming into and then eventually graduating the Solutions for Change program, a local couple shares their story with Supervisor Horn about how their lives have been completely overhauled. Says Horn, “The thing about Solutions for Change is that they want to make you successful, they want to help you work out of this no matter how far down or how tough it may look. They are the guiding light that comes alongside of you to help get you out of homelessness. No person should be given up on, really, and Solutions for Change is proof that with the right stuff many of our toughest challenges can be solved.”

Alan Heim – from the business sector

Alan Heim, Vice President Human Resources talks about why Directed Electronics invests in the community through the Solutions University programs run by Solutions for Change and how through the relationships which are built, many families including the lives of many children, are impacted in very meaningful ways. In this way, Directed Electronics views their reach and their commitment to significance far beyond the front door of their business headquartered on Viper Way in Vista California. Like their world-class automobile security systems that provide peace of mind and personal safety, their position in the community exemplifies a like attitude of investing in a safe and secure community, which according to Alan must include helping the families at Solutions for Change. “North County Solutions for Change has made an overwhelming difference in many of the lives of the homeless families in our community. I’ve spent time at Solutions for Change and I can see that these families are getting the support that they need to get back on their feet. It’s a program that we are very proud to be a part of.”

Daryl McFarland – from the law enforcement and business sector

Daryl McFarland, former police officer and current Director of Operations at Sun Country Builders, developers of the finest housing in San Diego County gives his views on homelessness. Daryl talks about how his core values and the core values which make up the Solutions for Change organization align around the simple principles of accountability and hard work. Daryl says, “For me having been an ex cop it was doubly surprising and doubly rewarding to see how this program could so dramatically change lives. We aren’t talking just any lives here; we are talking about the lives of homeless kids and we are talking the lives of the parents of those kids who are taking responsibility to change whatever is needed to succeed. Most times that change involves a real hard long honest look in the mirror. It’s not easy, but those at Solutions for Change are making it happen, one family at a time.”

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