September 8, 2009

Three more amazing community members from The "We Are Winning" Documentary.

We Are Winning is a documentary about one community in America and the people in it who are solving family homelessness. Recent reports state that 1 in 50 children living in the United States will experience homelessness in 2009. Is family homelessness in America a condition that can be solved? Over the next several weeks you will meet people from the community of North San Diego County California who believe that solving family homelessness for kids and communities is achievable and who are doing something about it.

If you’ve already watched the documentary introduction just select one of the Docu-Clips below or click here to watch the Documentary Introduction by Chris Megison.

Mark Henschen - from the business sector

Mark Henschen, Circulation Director of the North County Times Newspaper describes how Solutions for Change is like a miracle for the hundreds of children and families being helped. “This place is nothing short of a miracle. The interesting thing is that they have tapped into the burning desire of the people within this community who desperately want and need real solutions to this vexing problem. Working together with the community, people helping people, a new model called the Solutions University was built that literally transforms the lives of whole families and entire communities. I watched as Chris and Tammy Megison built the North County Hawker program from the ground up into one of the most successful newspaper hawking operations in the country. They took that same passion and drive and have since built a national model for solving family homelessness. If any community in the nation wants to really end this thing, you need to come here and see this.”

Otto Schneider – from the faith sector

Otto Schneider, a retired United States Navy Chaplain still very active in community service, talks about how the church community struggles with addressing the problems around family homelessness. Says Mr. Schneider, “the church plays a vital role in any community when dealing with these social issues, but the problem is that they are not equipped to handle the myriad of problems related to a family losing their home, their car, their job, their health and who are now homeless with children. Often times they try to help but what ends up happening is that the best the church can do is contain the problem. And containment can be a disaster. Families get the much needed spiritual guidance, which is great, but they also desperately need real practical help with health related disabilities, addiction recovery, employment related training, parenting skills, and affordable housing, to name a few. Solutions for Change is the answer because the church can be involved in a purposeful and meaningful way while working within the Solutions University structure towards achieving the goals needed to solve homelessness for kids and for our community.”

Catherine Trout-Lichterman – from the government sector

Catherine Trout-Lichterman, Housing Director of the County of San Diego shared (just before retiring after over 20 years of public service) about how the government sector makes a difference in the lives of homeless families and children. Says Ms. Lichterman, “Anytime you see a group of citizens come together around solving a problem it becomes a very powerful thing and it becomes a win for the region as a whole. It’s very gratifying to know that the funding that we administer is used for those purposes and with those results and with those positive outcomes.” The County of San Diego continues to invest public funds into the housing programs and services provided by Solutions for Change.

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