September 1, 2009

"We Are Winning" Documentary Continues...

Here are 3 more videos from the "We Are Winning" Documentary on members of one community in America who are SOLVING Family Homelessness.

The project was lauded by officials in Sacramento and Washington D.C. as one of the greatest multijurisdictional collaborative efforts ever developed around solving family homelessness. Recognizing that there was plenty of access to temporary solutions through emergency winter shelters and feeding programs, this communitywide initiative developed an integrated and comprehensive access around permanent solutions using a new model called the Solutions University. Vista Mayor Morris Vance’s leadership was instrumental in bringing the public and private sectors together around a common vision of solving family homelessness for kids and communities. Says Mayor Vance; “the programs provided by Solutions for Change transforms people’s lives. It is something to us here in our community that is very special, in that it provides long term solutions.”

Sarah Nichelson isn’t your average every day banker. Sarah describes how the principles of North Island Credit Union and Solutions for Change came together around the common goal of making a healthier community around the idea of “giving back”. Solutions for Change is an organization that equips those that it helps, the actual residents of their programs, to get out in the community and give back to help others. As an example, when Katrina hit, the residents of the Solutions programs organized a community wide project, engaged more residents of other shelters and collected over $20,000 which then went to relief efforts to aid the Katrina victims. Says Sarah; “I don’t think that in all my years of banking have I ever been so connected to a nonprofit that changes lives like that of Solutions for Change.”

Vern Soderstrom, Volunteer and Rotarian – from the civic sector

It is simply one of the greatest projects I've seen, and I've spent 40 years in government." Every community in America has a Vern Soderstrom. Vern served 40 years in the public sector, and as a longtime Rotarian he remains active in his Vista community still serving and helping others.

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