Finding Our Way Home

We’ve lost our way. In the United State of America this year, the impacts of homelessness will find 1.5 million of our children. But in nothern San Diego County California (Pop.1.1M) , the people of that community have said enough! People from all different walks have locked arms around a bold new vision, model and plan to send a message to homelessness in their community: “We will not let you steal the safety and the dignity of our children. We will defeat you.” Finding Our Way Home is about all of us finding our way together around a simple vision of days gone by of people helping people to solve one of America’s toughest social problems. Not solely the government, the nonprofit or the church but all of us working together. The impacts of homelessness on our children and on our communities have finally met its match. It’s met you, and all of us as neighbors and a people.