December 14, 2009

Today's letter from Leannna...

"My three children and I started our journey out of homelessness here in Vista a few years ago. Although we still live in Vista today, we are a world apart from how we used to live. Growing up in an abusive family and later in an abusive marriage I learned at a very young age that you absolutely did not talk about family situations and because of this, I became very introverted. When I came into Solutions for Change, they recognized this right away and started to provide me with the tools that I needed to overcome the “don’t tell” syndrome. While working the part of the program called Framework for Recovery, something clicked for me and I realized that recovery from all the loss and pain was an inside job. When I cared enough about myself to open up, to get rid of the negative self-talk, I started taking responsibility for my choices and began holding myself accountable for my own happiness. My whole life changed. I’ve been working for the same Vista business for a couple of years. Solutions University helped me get into an affordable apartment. The difference in my kids lives today still makes me cry sometimes…I love them so much. When we got here they were hungry and scared and now they are safe, happy and healthy. THANK YOU to the Solutions University for giving us a chance."

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