December 23, 2009

Real Change for Hundreds of North County Homeless Kids at Christmas and Year Round

Around the Solutions University, the weeks leading up to Christmas are some of the most exciting and magical times that people in and around the Solutions for Change organization will ever experience. For just one child and her mother who were just months before homeless and destitute, just hearing mom’s words as she describes what it is like being here makes it hard to fight back the tears. And then as you walk the hallways of the Solutions University and see their smiles and hear the words “Thank You” over and over you get this overwhelming feeling, a jolt of deep gratitude from those you meet. Then you realize that all around you there are over a hundred of those kids in dozens of families who were also homeless. And then it hits you.

I am part of something hugely purposeful and meaningful. My being here and being involved in a cause that is solving family homelessness for kids and communities is different than anything I have ever experienced. This is really special. The people here are really special.

This place is solving family homelessness for these kids and my community and I am part of it.

Pause right now wherever you are and think back to when you were eight years old. What if you lost your home? Where would you go? What would you do? You are eight. The average age of the 190 “homeless people” helped within the Solutions University right now today is eight years old. The program is year round and comprehensive and is designed to defeat homelessness by equipping families with the skills, knowledge and resources required to address and solve the causative factors, not merely contain the symptoms for the winter months.

For each and every person out there who has given something of themselves this holiday season to solve homelessness for a kid at Solutions for Change: their time, a gift, inviting their FaceBook friends with a message that says “wow! check this place out”, their integrity to stand up and be accountable for changing how we deal with this problem, their leadership or their treasures here is a message from the Solutions for Change family:

“We want you to know how special each of you are and how much your kindness has lightened the burden carried by a child who has lost something very a child who has lost their home. You see by supporting the Solutions University, the gift you give this holiday season, this Christmas, is the gift of a home. And because of that, because you believe in us, we pledge to fight everyday for our kids, to work harder than we ever have to get back on our feet and to defeat this thing called homelessness. Thank You for joining us and coming alongside in this big vision to solve family homelessness for kids and communities".

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