August 21, 2009

One Family's Story...

Every week we will continue to blog on, "One Family's Story" - highlighting an inspiration story that fuels are passion to solve family homelessness and prove that our Solutions University has a permanent solution to solving such a critical issue in our community.

We hope you enjoy this weeks' story:

" My family and I came to Solutions for Change on April 15th 2006. My life before Solutions for Change was an unstable and a bad life. We moved around from place to place, my parents always fighting drinking and doing drugs, not having any time for me and my brothers. We came to Solutions for Change to start a new life and because we lost our house and had nowhere to live so we were homeless. When I first came to Solutions for Change I was happy because I was going to live with my parents again and start a better life. When we moved to the apartments (Solutions Family Center) I was happy because we were not at the shelter anymore. I like the friends that I have at Solutions for Change. They have shared the same experiences as me. Solutions for Change helped my parents by showing them how to stay clean and sober and have a stable life. Now they work full time but still have lots of time for us kids. Solutions helped us get into our own home. Everything is changed now. I would tell someone coming in to Solutions for Change that they are lucky to be there, it is a great place and it will change your life."

- Jacob ...he was 15 at the time of the above story...


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