January 13, 2010

Thank You for Being Part of the Change~!

Dear Friends of Solutions for Change,

In the hustle and bustle of our lives sometimes pausing long enough to feel what our giving means to others can brighten an otherwise hectic day. That is why I am sending this note out right now. I want all those that helped this past holiday season to know how special you are and how much your kindness has lightened the burden carried by a child who has lost something very dear...to a child who has lost their home. You see the gift you just gave this past holiday (whether that be a doll, a blanket, a gift card to one of our teenagers or a monetary contribution) were gifts to a child who is very grateful for another very special gift…the gift of a home.

Your giving is being used in the context of a life-changing experience for a child in our Solutions University. We aren’t changing things for one day, a week or a month…but for a length of time that will make a lifelong impact. You are therefore part of the change that is giving a home not as a temporary fix for a few winter months, but as an investment into permanent change…a game changer…a life changer.

As the name suggests, Solutions for Change is all about solving family homelessness for kids and communities by engaging homeless families in the Solutions University around accessing permanent solutions. By building purposeful and meaningful partnerships around long term permanent solutions with families in crisis on one hand and with discerning community partners like you on the other, together we defeat homelessness. Not for a few winter months, but forever.

We do this by equipping parents and kids with the skills, knowledge and resources using a strategic partnership around a blending of affordable housing, work training, educational opportunities and health related solutions. Solving homelessness versus simply managing the symptoms of it requires a lot of hard work and resources. Your support equips Solutions for Change with the resources needed to battle and defeat the impacts of homelessness.

You are not only part of a life changing investment for one of our homeless kids but your involvement sends a huge message to all 63 of our families that victory over homelessness is possible. Knowing that you are coming alongside of them in this big vision will make our parents fight even harder to rebuild a future for their kids. With your involvement you are sending the message that says: “we believe in you, keep up the hard work, you can beat this thing called homelessness”.

By supporting Solutions for Change, you are solving family homelessness for kids and communities, one family and one community at a time.

Thank You for Being Part of the Change – for Today, Tomorrow and Forever!

Chris and Tammy Megison

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