October 8, 2009

We Provide the Tools...."One Family's Story"

Why do we continue to say that we have a permanent solution to solving family homelessness? Why have we created the Solutions University Model?

In order to allow families to solve their homelessness they need the tools that will enable them to get into stable housing and correct where they may have gone wrong. This is not done by solely providing families with a bed to sleep on or a bowl of soup to eat. One has to solve the problems that are occurring after the person walks out of the soup kitchen or the temporary homeless shelter for the evening...

Here is proof that the Solutions University provides these families with the necessary tools to solve their homelessness; enabling futures to be changed for a lifetime!

“Solutions for Change has impacted my life in a lot of different ways. It has helped my son and I learn to set goals in all areas of our lives, so that we can better our future in many ways. I have learned how to save money, pay bills, and how to get a job that will support my family and I in a better way. I thank Solutions for Change for all their love and support for my family and I.”

- Solutions University Graduate

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