April 24, 2009

Solutions for Change Goes Global

Solutions for Change has joined the Face Book World

The orgaization that Tammy and I founded together in 1999 has joined the ranks of the millions on FaceBook.

You can become a “fan” of Solutions for Change by clicking here:


By becoming a fan you will get regular updates on Solutions for Change latest efforts to solve family homelessness for kids and communities in North San Diego County California.

- You will hear about the Leadership Consensus Building effort around an innovative model and exciting new plan to solve family homelessness in North San Diego County California.

- You will get regular updates about the plan and how it is progressing.

- Some of the regions top leaders and strategic thinkers are joining this battle to defeat family homelessness. See who is signing up!
Join the cause and build a future for a homeless kid. Get in here, stay connected and work with us as we scale a solution to one of the toughest social problems facing America today: kids with no homes!

We've been working for 10 years developing a model based on accountability, partnership and compassion. It's a real solution around big impact.

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